This is how you can wrap in style with shrugs!

Shrugs are not new to anyone. We usually pair them with casuals to give a formal outlook or just wrap it in a normal way to cover our bulk (sometimes ;)) or give a subtle twist to our tops. But do you know that women shrugs can be wrapped in innumerable ways with each of them giving you a new look altogether. Confused? Here we are teaching you some of the trendiest ways to wrap a ladies shrug.

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1) For the chic yet formal look : Wear any T shirt beneath and wrap the shrug in a way that it is tucked up from a side (you can see the picture below to get an idea. You can use a simple monochrome shrug that is available easily or look for the stylish women shrugs online for a better appeal. Choosing them depends upon the occasion too though.


2) Desi StyleThough the below style may appear as basic to many it works well for casual outings, college wear and night outs. Put on just anything and put the shrug casually upon your shoulders. It gives and elegant touch to you.


3) Knot it upYou can give a twist to your look by wearing any women shrug in India by giving it a knot in the center. You can team this with a jeans- top combination or even a party gown. For a classier look you can also knot the ends like a bow.

4) For the working women in youIt is no mystery that taking up an office coat with the dress gives a professional out look to your personality. You can get the same sense of professionalism with an online shrug by pinning its top portion with a button. You can stitch the button yourself or can also use a temporary pin for the purpose.