There is no denying to the fact that jeggings have taken the world by a storm. However, wearing them the wrong way could make you the laughing stock of the city.

Here is how you should not wear them

1) Always remember that jeggings are not pants and thus should not be paired with short tops.Wear them with long tops or kurtis. It is important to note that in case you have high waist jeggings made of thick fabric, you can use shorter tops as thicker material doesn’t accentuate your hips like normal jeggings.

screen-shot-2016-08-03-at-1-15-25-pm 2) Don’t go for regular sizes in if you are plus sized. Jeggings are now available in a host of size across brands with options for plus sized women as well.

3) Don’t think of jeggings as only casual wear. With now being available in chic styles you can use them with your formal shirts and blazers.


4) Don’t forget to experiment with color. Jeggings are available in lot more colors than only black and blue. Buy pink, green, purple or whatever suits your agenda, pair them with an appropriate shirt and rock the evening. Buy jeggings online if your are unable to find other colors.



5) Don’t neglect the length of women jeggings while make a purchase, thinking that they come in one regular length only. This is not the case as you can find them in the market in cropped as well as full length options.


6) Don’t think jeggings as jeans. Yes, they do look like one but are actually made using smooth, elastic and thinner clothing material. The fabric is somewhat similar to leggings so that to offer you a comfortable fitting. Jeans have coarse and much thicker fabric.