With hot summers in forefront, it is important that we brace ourselves. Here are some awesome tipsnthat will prevent the heat from hampering your style.

1) Use breathable fabrics: Let go of all the synthetic fabric made clothes from your wardrobe. Put on only breathable and light fabrics like cotton and Lenin as they keep you cool.

2) Put yellow marks on the T-Shirt at bay with lemons: There is nothing as disheartening as to see your favourite T shirt pecked with yellow mark on the sides when you return to home after spending your day out in the heat. You must have noticed that even after multiple washes, the stain tends to persist on the clothes. A great way out here is to rub lemon on the spot and keep it aside for 5-10 minutes before washing. Bet me, you won’t find any mark after the wash.

3) Bare the feet out often: A lot of heat could be removed from the body if you would remove your shoes from time to time. Doing this not only releases the heat from your feet but also helps in keeping it dry and not sweaty.

4) Say no to Jeans: Opt for cotton trousers, leggings for women, palazzos or shorts bout never those bulky jeans that keep you warm and sweaty from the insides.

5) Use mentholated soaps and scrubs: A good day starts only when you give it a good start and there is nothing better than a cold shower. However keep in mind that you are using only menthol enriched soaps and washes. Once done, don’t forget to put a hydrating moisturiser on (not the oily ones). And yes, when

you go out wearing a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 is a must.

Happy summers girls !!!