Summers are up and in full form nowadays. It is important that you brave yourself for the feat and look your best everyday. Here is how you can go about it.

1) Say Cotton Tops – Cotton is the best fabric for the summers and should be worn whenever you go out. Cotton is airy, breathable and light. Put away all those lacy synthetic tops until the sun shines down.


2) Keep the Jeans out of sight – Though we all love wearing jeans so much, it definitely pains my heart to write that you should avoid them this season. Jeans are heavily woven fabrics that almost cut of the supply of air to the area they are worn. This makes you feel even warmer. Instead try using skirts, cotton pants, leggings and shorts.

3) Use waterproof makeup – Don’t sweat the makeup out and start looking terrible. Instead use waterproof makeup in the form of waterproof mascara, foundation , compact, kajal and others that keeps you up for the day. When you go out apply sunscreen over the exposed body parts.

4) Keep yourself hydrated – To keep your skin glowing it is important that you take in adequate amount of fluids. Ensure that you are drinking 10-12 glasses of water everyday. Apply moisturizers, if your skin feels dry and itchy.

5) Eat less spicy and oily food- It is only in the summers that you get pimples and irritable skin. Keep these problems at bay by having light food. Oily and spicy food creates problem with your digestion and the skin shows it by getting pimples. Take in as much of fruits, raw vegetables and home made fruit juice that you can.

We hope that you will follow these tips and will have rocking summers !