1) Keeping sweat stains on shirts at bay – It is often to see yellow dirty sweat marks on the Shirts when you return home from a hot day out. You can easily remove such stains by rubbing the area with lemon juice.

2) Preventing your favorite jeans fading – It is normal to see your favorite jeans fading with time. You can say no to such problems by adding half a cup of white vinegar to the wash.

3) Selecting the right shoe – Don’t know what shoe will match your dress. Try a shoe in nude color. It matches most colors.

4) Green Stains on Rings – Tired of green stains on rings ? You can get rid of them by running the insides with a piece of lemon.

5) Making the perfect pony tail – We all want that high tied and bouncy ponytails but usually end up with lousy mess. Get a nice pony tail by inserting a bobby pin to the insides of the pony tail.

6) Oil stains on the dress – Oil stains are disastrous to your dress. Remove them by rubbing the area with talcum powder. Keep the dress with the powder for a while and then brush it off. You dress will be sparkling again.

7) Getting charge of the bra straps – If you are dealing with the problem of bra straps popping from your dresses every time, your savior is the paper clip. Yes, just clasp it with the insides of your dress and you are done.

8) Legging or a palazzo with kurti – Though both look great with Kurtis, generally it is a good idea to wear leggings for women with short Kurtis and palazzo with longer ones.