You won’t go over the top with these tops

Women need clothes and a lot of them as repeating an outfit is no less than a crime.

This is where casual tops come to women’s rescue. Don’t have much time to dress up or don’t want to look too dressed up, fret not. Just put on one of the zillion variety of tops available in the market and you are good to go.

Want to keep it simple; there are options available for that, want to look like a diva; there’s one for that too, just need something to go with your jeans, a skirt, palazzo pants, culottes, shorts or anything for that matter; a top never fails to suffice one’s requirement. And interesting bit is that you can team up the same jeans with a number of different tops and not look the same. Now that’s one tip that people on budget swear by!

Tops come in all sorts of fabrics like velvet, cotton, georgette, satin, linen, sheer, lycra, rayon, silk, embellished and styles like kaftans, crochet, knitted, halter neck, camisole, kimono, corset, Ankara style, spaghetti tops, sleeveless, off shoulder and many more. One is really spoilt for choices.

Has reading all this made you salivate?? Want to go for shopping but can’t due to the terribly hot and humid weather?? Do not worry at all; is one stop shop for online designer ladies tops. If you want to spruce up wardrobe, just log on to and browse through the plethora of options there. Once ordered, clothes won’t take long to reach your doorsteps.

Below are some of the looks that our in-house experts think are not mundane.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.22.15 AM

These mustard and black off-shoulder crepe tops can be teamed up with a pair of jeans for that casual hang-out with friends.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 12.27.04 AM

Want to add some life to an ordinary black and white striped top; wear this cotton lycra full sleeves jacket with it and you are sure to make heads turn. These jackets are available in different colours like black, beige and blue on

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 4.27.52 PM

How about this cotton lycra black poncho for that Sunday brunch with friends or family??

There are many more interesting designer tops for girls and ladies available on this very cost- friendly apparels website called I don’t see any reason for you to delay checking out their amazing collection. Happy Shopping!!




Online shirt for girl

Bored of your plain Jane look?? Read below…

Gone are the days when shirts were worn only for formal occasions. Now shirts come in all colors, fabrics and designs and can spruce up your plain Jane look.

Lets go through some boring facts first (since I personally am a sucker for facts ).There are number of fabrics like twill, pinpoint, chambray, denim, dobby, flannel, melange, herringbone, poplin, seersucker, linen, which are commonly used in dress shirts for both men and women. Chambray, denim, linen and check shirts are my personal favourites when it comes to shirts for girls and I believe these are must –haves in every girl’s wardrobe.

Chambray shirts

Chambray shirt is one fashion trend to stick to this season or many more seasons to come. It is one piece of clothing that is so versatile and looks like denim without feeling as heavy as denim.

Below are some of the looks that you can go for :-

1. It can be worn casually with a pair of coloured jeans or trousers .Don this and your are ready to rock that effortlessly stylish look.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.41.50 PM

2) Pair your Chambray shirt with a pair of fitted white trousers for that meeting with the clients.It can also make you get the casual Friday look very easy and look equally good at the party, right after office. There are number of other ways to wear a chambray shirt.You can wear it a pair of jeans,a long or a short skirt, palazzo pants,and be sure of looking equally cool.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.46.34 PM

3) Check shirt is another piece of clothing which is hard to go out of style anytime soon.Its perfect for girls who don’t like to spend too much time deciding their look or clothes for the day.Its very appeal lies in how maintenance free it is .It looks equally good even its crumpled, have not been ironed properly.Students and people on the go would know,how much time it saves .So, you get to look good without compromising on the cool quotient

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.32.01 PM

If you are wondering as to how to own these fantastic shirts, look no further; has answers for all your fashion needs.It has plethora of options when it comes to shirts for girls.It is one- stop shop especially for online wraparound skirt.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.36.04 PM

Be it formal shirts for women, denim shirts, chambray shirts,plain white cotton shirts, denim tops, checkered shirts, has it all. This amazing collection is just a click away and that too at a very affordable price. Just log on to and shop your way to a new look.And it gets even more easier when it all gets delivered to your doorstep in the least possible time.


Fashion – why the noise?

The intellectuals of the world might tell you that indulging in fashion is superficial, but the truth my friend is that, what you wear does make a statement. It defines you – to an extent that at the first look people make an impression about who you might be, what you do, what you think and which strata you might belong to. Sounds harsh, does it? It is difficult to acknowledge – the truth!!

Trends, fashion, styles, fabrics have an impact on your being, more than you can fathom. Gone are the days, when clothes were just something to cover your bare bodies with. Times have changed, so much so that clothes are not clothes anymore – they are apparels, apparently – whatever that means!! In my opinion, what it means is, that your clothes are a BIG DEAL.

One has to keep up with the evolving trends and cannot afford to dress primitively – for your reference, that shrug on the Zara mannequin which you saw last month is primitive. But we are fortunate to be living in a digital world where the latest trends and fashions are just a click away. Not all of us can afford to buy the Gucci’s and Prada of the world, this is where a platform like buynewtrend comes into play- providing us with a plethora of latest fashion choices at an affordable price.

Dressing up for an important work conference, casual dinner with friends or a date night, has an outfit available for each of these occasions. With a large variety to choose from, a user-friendly interface and prices which don’t burn a hole in your pocket – this portal offers everything, you could ask for.

Now you don’t have to take the pain of stepping out in the blazing sun and humid weather to buy that perfect dress for an important occasion. Just log on to the website or download the app and click your way to an enviable look.

online cotton kurti in india

7 ways to style up your kurti ensemble !

When it comes to wearing Kurtis, people usually end up combining it with leggings. Though, leggings look stylish, there are numerous our amazing ways to style up your Kurtis.

We have listed 7 awesome ways to do so. Here we go.

1) Kurtis with capries – Carry is a s legging or a slim fit pant cut after a few inches below your knee. These highlight your curves and go well with short Kurtis. You can complete the look with stylish silver flats and chunky jewellery.

2) Kurtis with Palazzo’s – Palazzo’s have becomes really popular now days and go well with long Kurtis. You can go for wide legged Kurtis for a more skirt like look or for normal palazo’s which look like wide A line pants. Palazzo is good for all body types and can make you go glam in no time.

3) Kurtis with dhoti pants – An interesting way to wear your kurtis is by combining it with dhoti pants. These have a futuristic touch to them and yet help you get that desi look perfectly. An important point to note here is that you pick dhoti pants in either same or complimentary color of your kurti. Unlike leggings, you can’t wear black or white dhoti pants with almost all of your kurti colors.

4) Kurtis with Skirts – Don’t feel even a bit skeptical by pairing your kurtis with long skirts. Just see how these celebs have worn skirts with kurties and have carried the look with so much élan.

5) Tweak your kurti into a dress – The best part with kurtis is that you can tweak them into beautiful dresses. For instance, if you have a plain knee length kurti with a defined neckline you can transform it into a dress by securing your waist with a slim belt. However, there is a caution. You can make dresses only out of kurtis that


7 Fashion hacks every girl should know

1) Keeping sweat stains on shirts at bay – It is often to see yellow dirty sweat marks on the Shirts when you return home from a hot day out. You can easily remove such stains by rubbing the area with lemon juice.

2) Preventing your favorite jeans fading – It is normal to see your favorite jeans fading with time. You can say no to such problems by adding half a cup of white vinegar to the wash.

3) Selecting the right shoe – Don’t know what shoe will match your dress. Try a shoe in nude color. It matches most colors.

4) Green Stains on Rings – Tired of green stains on rings ? You can get rid of them by running the insides with a piece of lemon.

5) Making the perfect pony tail – We all want that high tied and bouncy ponytails but usually end up with lousy mess. Get a nice pony tail by inserting a bobby pin to the insides of the pony tail.

6) Oil stains on the dress – Oil stains are disastrous to your dress. Remove them by rubbing the area with talcum powder. Keep the dress with the powder for a while and then brush it off. You dress will be sparkling again.

7) Getting charge of the bra straps – If you are dealing with the problem of bra straps popping from your dresses every time, your savior is the paper clip. Yes, just clasp it with the insides of your dress and you are done.

8) Legging or a palazzo with kurti – Though both look great with Kurtis, generally it is a good idea to wear leggings for women with short Kurtis and palazzo with longer ones.

5-awesome tips to beat the summers in style

Summers are loud and kicking and I am sure you don’t want to look sweaty and drained. Here are some awesome tips to ensure that you look stunning as ever this summer season.

1) Use a good moisturizer: Summers tend to drain the water and moisture off your skin thereby making you look tired and pale. Ensure that you are moving out of the house only applying a non-sticky moisturizer and sunscreen lotion on all the uncovered parts online tops for women in india of the body.

2) Wear breathable clothes: Say no to all your synthetic clothes that tend to stick to your body and preventing the sweat to dry off. Instead, wear fabrics like cotton and rayon that are breathable and light on your skin.

3) Cover the exposed parts of the body: Apart from heat , the sunlight is in excess of trays that damage your body. Apply ample sunscreen on the exposed body or cover it with a cloth like the online shrugs for women for back and the hands, a scarf for the hands etc.

4) Drink a lot of fluids: Drink ample amount of water to keep your body hydrated and glowing. Less water in the water robs the body of its glow. wrap around skirt online

5) Light colored clothes: When it comes to summers it is advisable to put on only light colored clothes as they oppose the retention of heat in the body.

Top 5 summer fashion hacks every girl should know

With hot summers in forefront, it is important that we brace ourselves. Here are some awesome tipsnthat will prevent the heat from hampering your style.

1) Use breathable fabrics: Let go of all the synthetic fabric made clothes from your wardrobe. Put on only breathable and light fabrics like cotton and Lenin as they keep you cool.

2) Put yellow marks on the T-Shirt at bay with lemons: There is nothing as disheartening as to see your favourite T shirt pecked with yellow mark on the sides when you return to home after spending your day out in the heat. You must have noticed that even after multiple washes, the stain tends to persist on the clothes. A great way out here is to rub lemon on the spot and keep it aside for 5-10 minutes before washing. Bet me, you won’t find any mark after the wash.

3) Bare the feet out often: A lot of heat could be removed from the body if you would remove your shoes from time to time. Doing this not only releases the heat from your feet but also helps in keeping it dry and not sweaty.

4) Say no to Jeans: Opt for cotton trousers, leggings for women, palazzos or shorts bout never those bulky jeans that keep you warm and sweaty from the insides.

5) Use mentholated soaps and scrubs: A good day starts only when you give it a good start and there is nothing better than a cold shower. However keep in mind that you are using only menthol enriched soaps and washes. Once done, don’t forget to put a hydrating moisturiser on (not the oily ones). And yes, when

you go out wearing a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 is a must.

Happy summers girls !!!

5 Awesome ways to wear your regular Patialas !

Patialas are loved by women of all ages for their sheer comfort and style. Theylove pairing them with kurtis and kameez’s to get that desi look. Do you know there many other stylish ways too to wear that favourite patiala of yours? Confused ?

We have got for you 5 super awesome patiala looks. Here we go.

Look 1 – Everyday Girl: Add oodles of style to your everyday personality by pairing the patiala for women with a regular long shirt or tee in contrasting colour. You can wear juttis and danglers to complete the look. To get more of the regular feel keep your hair loose and wavy.

Look 2 – For the office girl in you: Who says patialas cannot be worn in office? Try wearing them over a short buttoned up shirt, combined with a light blazer or a women shrug. Put your bellies and studded earring on and you are ready to go.







Look 3 – The Glam doll: The wedding season is still up. Even if you don’t have an invite now, I am sure you will be having it soon. For that party look, take a shimmer patiala and wear it with a short kurti. Put on your heels, heavy earrings and some bold make up and you are ready.

Look 4 – With the cape: Yes, patialas look super sexy with capes. You need to only ensure that you are wearing a long cape. Secure your waist with a slim belt and put on your boots. Finish the look by wearing some makeup over your eyes. You are good to go.

Look 5 – For formal get-togethers: The problem with formal get-together’s that you can’t play much with dresses or makeup. How about wearing a long slit top over the patiala you have in your almirah for your next office party? Bet us, they look super stylish together. Complete the look with heeled pumps,

light makeup and a statement jewellery piece.

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