7 Fashion hacks every girl should know

1) Keeping sweat stains on shirts at bay – It is often to see yellow dirty sweat marks on the Shirts when you return home from a hot day out. You can easily remove such stains by rubbing the area with lemon juice.

2) Preventing your favorite jeans fading – It is normal to see your favorite jeans fading with time. You can say no to such problems by adding half a cup of white vinegar to the wash.

3) Selecting the right shoe – Don’t know what shoe will match your dress. Try a shoe in nude color. It matches most colors.

4) Green Stains on Rings – Tired of green stains on rings ? You can get rid of them by running the insides with a piece of lemon.

5) Making the perfect pony tail – We all want that high tied and bouncy ponytails but usually end up with lousy mess. Get a nice pony tail by inserting a bobby pin to the insides of the pony tail.

6) Oil stains on the dress – Oil stains are disastrous to your dress. Remove them by rubbing the area with talcum powder. Keep the dress with the powder for a while and then brush it off. You dress will be sparkling again.

7) Getting charge of the bra straps – If you are dealing with the problem of bra straps popping from your dresses every time, your savior is the paper clip. Yes, just clasp it with the insides of your dress and you are done.

8) Legging or a palazzo with kurti – Though both look great with Kurtis, generally it is a good idea to wear leggings for women with short Kurtis and palazzo with longer ones.


Awesome tips to rock the summers !

Summers are up and in full form nowadays. It is important that you brave yourself for the feat and look your best everyday. Here is how you can go about it.

1) Say Cotton Tops – Cotton is the best fabric for the summers and should be worn whenever you go out. Cotton is airy, breathable and light. Put away all those lacy synthetic tops until the sun shines down.


2) Keep the Jeans out of sight – Though we all love wearing jeans so much, it definitely pains my heart to write that you should avoid them this season. Jeans are heavily woven fabrics that almost cut of the supply of air to the area they are worn. This makes you feel even warmer. Instead try using skirts, cotton pants, leggings and shorts.

3) Use waterproof makeup – Don’t sweat the makeup out and start looking terrible. Instead use waterproof makeup in the form of waterproof mascara, foundation , compact, kajal and others that keeps you up for the day. When you go out apply sunscreen over the exposed body parts.

4) Keep yourself hydrated – To keep your skin glowing it is important that you take in adequate amount of fluids. Ensure that you are drinking 10-12 glasses of water everyday. Apply moisturizers, if your skin feels dry and itchy.

5) Eat less spicy and oily food- It is only in the summers that you get pimples and irritable skin. Keep these problems at bay by having light food. Oily and spicy food creates problem with your digestion and the skin shows it by getting pimples. Take in as much of fruits, raw vegetables and home made fruit juice that you can.

We hope that you will follow these tips and will have rocking summers !

5-awesome tips to beat the summers in style

Summers are loud and kicking and I am sure you don’t want to look sweaty and drained. Here are some awesome tips to ensure that you look stunning as ever this summer season.

1) Use a good moisturizer: Summers tend to drain the water and moisture off your skin thereby making you look tired and pale. Ensure that you are moving out of the house only applying a non-sticky moisturizer and sunscreen lotion on all the uncovered parts online tops for women in india of the body.

2) Wear breathable clothes: Say no to all your synthetic clothes that tend to stick to your body and preventing the sweat to dry off. Instead, wear fabrics like cotton and rayon that are breathable and light on your skin.

3) Cover the exposed parts of the body: Apart from heat , the sunlight is in excess of trays that damage your body. Apply ample sunscreen on the exposed body or cover it with a cloth like the online shrugs for women for back and the hands, a scarf for the hands etc.

4) Drink a lot of fluids: Drink ample amount of water to keep your body hydrated and glowing. Less water in the water robs the body of its glow. wrap around skirt online

5) Light colored clothes: When it comes to summers it is advisable to put on only light colored clothes as they oppose the retention of heat in the body.

Top 5 summer fashion hacks every girl should know

With hot summers in forefront, it is important that we brace ourselves. Here are some awesome tipsnthat will prevent the heat from hampering your style.

1) Use breathable fabrics: Let go of all the synthetic fabric made clothes from your wardrobe. Put on only breathable and light fabrics like cotton and Lenin as they keep you cool.

2) Put yellow marks on the T-Shirt at bay with lemons: There is nothing as disheartening as to see your favourite T shirt pecked with yellow mark on the sides when you return to home after spending your day out in the heat. You must have noticed that even after multiple washes, the stain tends to persist on the clothes. A great way out here is to rub lemon on the spot and keep it aside for 5-10 minutes before washing. Bet me, you won’t find any mark after the wash.

3) Bare the feet out often: A lot of heat could be removed from the body if you would remove your shoes from time to time. Doing this not only releases the heat from your feet but also helps in keeping it dry and not sweaty.

4) Say no to Jeans: Opt for cotton trousers, leggings for women, palazzos or shorts bout never those bulky jeans that keep you warm and sweaty from the insides.

5) Use mentholated soaps and scrubs: A good day starts only when you give it a good start and there is nothing better than a cold shower. However keep in mind that you are using only menthol enriched soaps and washes. Once done, don’t forget to put a hydrating moisturiser on (not the oily ones). And yes, when

you go out wearing a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 is a must.

Happy summers girls !!!

5 Awesome ways to wear your regular Patialas !

Patialas are loved by women of all ages for their sheer comfort and style. Theylove pairing them with kurtis and kameez’s to get that desi look. Do you know there many other stylish ways too to wear that favourite patiala of yours? Confused ?

We have got for you 5 super awesome patiala looks. Here we go.

Look 1 – Everyday Girl: Add oodles of style to your everyday personality by pairing the patiala for women with a regular long shirt or tee in contrasting colour. You can wear juttis and danglers to complete the look. To get more of the regular feel keep your hair loose and wavy.

Look 2 – For the office girl in you: Who says patialas cannot be worn in office? Try wearing them over a short buttoned up shirt, combined with a light blazer or a women shrug. Put your bellies and studded earring on and you are ready to go.







Look 3 – The Glam doll: The wedding season is still up. Even if you don’t have an invite now, I am sure you will be having it soon. For that party look, take a shimmer patiala and wear it with a short kurti. Put on your heels, heavy earrings and some bold make up and you are ready.

Look 4 – With the cape: Yes, patialas look super sexy with capes. You need to only ensure that you are wearing a long cape. Secure your waist with a slim belt and put on your boots. Finish the look by wearing some makeup over your eyes. You are good to go.

Look 5 – For formal get-togethers: The problem with formal get-together’s that you can’t play much with dresses or makeup. How about wearing a long slit top over the patiala you have in your almirah for your next office party? Bet us, they look super stylish together. Complete the look with heeled pumps,

light makeup and a statement jewellery piece.

How NOT to wear jeggings !

There is no denying to the fact that jeggings have taken the world by a storm. However, wearing them the wrong way could make you the laughing stock of the city.

Here is how you should not wear them

1) Always remember that jeggings are not pants and thus should not be paired with short tops.Wear them with long tops or kurtis. It is important to note that in case you have high waist jeggings made of thick fabric, you can use shorter tops as thicker material doesn’t accentuate your hips like normal jeggings.

screen-shot-2016-08-03-at-1-15-25-pm 2) Don’t go for regular sizes in if you are plus sized. Jeggings are now available in a host of size across brands with options for plus sized women as well.

3) Don’t think of jeggings as only casual wear. With now being available in chic styles you can use them with your formal shirts and blazers.


4) Don’t forget to experiment with color. Jeggings are available in lot more colors than only black and blue. Buy pink, green, purple or whatever suits your agenda, pair them with an appropriate shirt and rock the evening. Buy jeggings online if your are unable to find other colors.



5) Don’t neglect the length of women jeggings while make a purchase, thinking that they come in one regular length only. This is not the case as you can find them in the market in cropped as well as full length options.


6) Don’t think jeggings as jeans. Yes, they do look like one but are actually made using smooth, elastic and thinner clothing material. The fabric is somewhat similar to leggings so that to offer you a comfortable fitting. Jeans have coarse and much thicker fabric.


This is how you can make your winter clothing last longer

January means extreme cold weather. This also means that you need to pile on a lot more clothes over yourself and take care of a lot of clothing stuff. With our amazing tips presented below, taking care of your winter belongings will be a cakewalk.

1) Freeze your wollen leggings to make them last longer


We understand your plight when you need to buy new pair of leggings every season as they tend to wear out with excessive usage. To make them last longer you should strengthen the fibers. This can be done by soaking your new leggings in water, wringing them to remove excessive water and then freezing them

Once done, you should thaw them out and use them the next day as it is.

2) Remove the puffs from your sweaters by rubbing pumice stone over it
It is common to see ugly puffs developing over woollen sweaters. To remove them just gently rub a pumice stone over the sweater. The texture of the stone removes the puffs. An important thing to note here is that you should be extremely soft in your approach.

3) Fix your itchy sweater with your hair conditioner
If you have a sweater that gives you an itch upon usage then you can fix it by soaking it in water and a few spoons of vinegar for sometime. After that, take some hair conditioner and rub it over the surface. Keep it as it is for a few minutes and then wash the sweater with water and put it out for a flat dry.

You will find it softer next time.

4) Say no to smelly boots with tea bags
Put out the dirty stinking smell of your boots by stuffing the insides with a few tea bags overnight. The tea bags absorbs the smell and keep it fresh You can also sprinkle baking soda for the same effect.

5) Hang your woollen stuff wisely
Ofter hook marks develop over winter clothes if you hang them on a pointed hook. To prevent this, hang them after folding and putting them upon a hanger.

Wear your palazzos the right way!

For that uber chic look, palazzos are a good choice, provided that you wear them carefully.Here are some awesome ways to jazz up your palazzo look.

1) For the casual day out
Pair your printed palazzo with a crop top in any solid color. Complete the look with an oversized locket or a few colored kadas ( heavy looking bangles) in one hand.


2) For the morning office girl
Finding the right dress for office often becomes a daunting task. How about wearing a palazzo with a formal shirt sound? Confused? Check it out then ! Don’t forget to complete the look with a metallic belt and clutch on the side.

3) When you need that sophisticated yet ethnic look
Have a little get-together to attend and you are unable to find anything interesting in your wardrobe ? No worries. Buy a plain solid colored palazzo online and combine it with a long slit top to get that ethnic yet modern look. If you don’t have a slit tee you can also use a long kurti (something similar to the image below).


4) Beat the chill !
The chill is getting to the nerves nowadays. For the warmed up feel, try combining your palazzo with loose sweaters!

5) For my everyday T-shirt lass
Take a peppy colourful T-Shirt with your palaazo and you are good to go anywhere.

6) Cover it up with a shrug or a coat
For a more elegant feel for those office meeting, you can always cover it up with a monochrome women woollen shrug or a plain jacket. You can belt it too if you want.


7) Go all funky !Don’t you think Deepika Padukone looked super awesome in this floral wide legged palazzo in the movie Cocktail? With a casual flat and a plain short top you can rock this look too.

8) There is nothing like a palaazo with a kurti Whether it is a wedding party, an informal get-together or just anything, there is nothing like a beautiful kurti paired with a wide palazzo. You can accessorise depending upon the glam factor for the event.


Happy dressing to you !

Shrugs online shopping

This is how you can wrap in style with shrugs!

Shrugs are not new to anyone. We usually pair them with casuals to give a formal outlook or just wrap it in a normal way to cover our bulk (sometimes ;)) or give a subtle twist to our tops. But do you know that women shrugs can be wrapped in innumerable ways with each of them giving you a new look altogether. Confused? Here we are teaching you some of the trendiest ways to wrap a ladies shrug.

691a5114-350x425 691a5118-350x425

1) For the chic yet formal look : Wear any T shirt beneath and wrap the shrug in a way that it is tucked up from a side (you can see the picture below to get an idea. You can use a simple monochrome shrug that is available easily or look for the stylish women shrugs online for a better appeal. Choosing them depends upon the occasion too though.


2) Desi StyleThough the below style may appear as basic to many it works well for casual outings, college wear and night outs. Put on just anything and put the shrug casually upon your shoulders. It gives and elegant touch to you.


3) Knot it upYou can give a twist to your look by wearing any women shrug in India by giving it a knot in the center. You can team this with a jeans- top combination or even a party gown. For a classier look you can also knot the ends like a bow.

4) For the working women in youIt is no mystery that taking up an office coat with the dress gives a professional out look to your personality. You can get the same sense of professionalism with an online shrug by pinning its top portion with a button. You can stitch the button yourself or can also use a temporary pin for the purpose.


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