This is how you can make your winter clothing last longer

January means extreme cold weather. This also means that you need to pile on a lot more clothes over yourself and take care of a lot of clothing stuff. With our amazing tips presented below, taking care of your winter belongings will be a cakewalk.

1) Freeze your wollen leggings to make them last longer


We understand your plight when you need to buy new pair of leggings every season as they tend to wear out with excessive usage. To make them last longer you should strengthen the fibers. This can be done by soaking your new leggings in water, wringing them to remove excessive water and then freezing them

Once done, you should thaw them out and use them the next day as it is.

2) Remove the puffs from your sweaters by rubbing pumice stone over it
It is common to see ugly puffs developing over woollen sweaters. To remove them just gently rub a pumice stone over the sweater. The texture of the stone removes the puffs. An important thing to note here is that you should be extremely soft in your approach.

3) Fix your itchy sweater with your hair conditioner
If you have a sweater that gives you an itch upon usage then you can fix it by soaking it in water and a few spoons of vinegar for sometime. After that, take some hair conditioner and rub it over the surface. Keep it as it is for a few minutes and then wash the sweater with water and put it out for a flat dry.

You will find it softer next time.

4) Say no to smelly boots with tea bags
Put out the dirty stinking smell of your boots by stuffing the insides with a few tea bags overnight. The tea bags absorbs the smell and keep it fresh You can also sprinkle baking soda for the same effect.

5) Hang your woollen stuff wisely
Ofter hook marks develop over winter clothes if you hang them on a pointed hook. To prevent this, hang them after folding and putting them upon a hanger.


Women Jeggings

Be a trend setter with women’s jeggings

Jeggings have been a rage in the market for long now. Its high popularity was attained due to its familiarity with the two important clothings in women’s wardrobe clubbed into one- Jeans and Leggings. Both these apparels apart from being fashionable, were also the must-haves for all girls. However with the invention of women Jeggings, Fashion was once again redefined. Providing the best comfort these unlock the stylish personality in every women. With its exquisite design, they appeal the masses and are a wardrobe essential, occupying much less space than Jeans and leggings.


Tailored in different fabrics, cotton, spandex, lycra, they are durable and light in weight and can be worn all day long. These cool and comfortable jeggings are an ideal pick for those meddling throughout the day. From Yoga classes to work and late night parties, these are a one-for- all solution. Pair it up with tunics for casual look, shirt for formal meetings and a shimmery top paired with high heels will make you ready to go for Parties. Jeggings are highly trendy and can serve you both decent and sensuous appearance without a compromise on your style as well as comfort.


They are cheap and affordable and can be bought online at BuyNewTrend. Jeggings give women a highly attractive look by enhancing their curves. Their high elasticity makes then wearable for all sizes, even after you gain or lose some weight. With no waist size issues unlike Jeans, they are long lasting not only in your wardrobe but durable in its own use. They are attaining new varieties, from rugged to washed Jeggings, high waist, Zipper, slit, torn, shimmer and many more, giving options for multiple occasions and festive. BuyNewTrend is a one store that makes Jeggings online available for you and at a much affordable price.


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